Traffic signs

Aluminum discs for traffic signs

Aluminum discs for traffic signs are one of the important raw materials for making road traffic signs. These aluminum discs are usually cut from high-purity aluminum plates (such as 1050 aluminum circle, 1100 or 3003 alloys).

8011 aluminum foil for lunch box

Container aluminum foil

Container aluminum foil refers to thin aluminum metal foil used to make disposable or reusable lunch boxes, containers and packaging materials.

aluminum strip supplier

Aluminum Strip For Cables

High tensile and high strength aluminum strip for cables, corrosion-resistant aluminum strip factory price for sale, 1050 1060 3003 3004 5052 aluminum strip roll

aluminum strip used for transformer

Aluminum Strip For Transformer

Factory best price 1060 1050 1100 aluminum strip for transformer winding, aluminum strip raw material 3003 3004 5005 5052 8011 8021 aluminum strip alloy

Anodized aluminum disc for lampshade

Aluminum disc for lampshade

Aluminum disc for lampshades refer to aluminum discs used to make lampshades. Due to the special properties of aluminum discs, they are very suitable for making lampshades

Various of cookware

Aluminum Circles For Cookware

Aluminum circles for cookware are aluminum alloy sheets designed and produced specifically for the manufacture of various types of cookware. They usually appear in a round shape.

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