What is the meaning of GAUGE in the aluminum sheet?

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Introduction to GAUGE

In the context of aluminum sheets, the term “gauge” refers to the thickness of the steel sheet. It is a measurement of the sheet metal thickness and is usually expressed in terms of a numerical value. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the sheet. Conversely, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the sheet.

The gauge system for measuring sheet metal thickness can vary between different materials, but for aluminum sheets, it is commonly measured in gauges ranging from 8 to 30. As an example, an 8-gauge aluminum sheet is thicker than a 20-gauge sheet.

gauge measurement

gauge measurement

It’s important to note that the gauge system is not standardized across all materials, so the gauge number alone may not provide a precise measurement of thickness unless the material is specified. Additionally, there are other methods of expressing sheet metal thickness, such as inches or millimeters, which may be used alongside or instead of the gauge measurement.

GAUGE chart in the aluminum sheet

Aluminum Gauge Chart*

Inches MM
7 .1443 3.665
8 .1285 3.264
9 .1144 2.906
10 .1019 2.588
11 .09074 2.305
12 .08081 2.053
14 .06408 1.628
16 .05082 1.291
18 .04030 1.024
20 .03196 .812
22 .02535 .644
24 .02010 .511
26 .01594 .405
28 .01264 .321
30 .01003 .255

GAUGE chart in the steel sheet

Mild Steel Gauge Chart*

Inches MM
7 .1793 4.554
8 .1644 4.175
9 .1495 3.797
10 .1345 3.416
11 .1196 3.038
12 .1046 2.656
14 .0747 1.897
16 .0598 1.518
18 .0478 1.214
20 .0359 .911
22 .0299 .759
24 .0239 .607
26 .0179 .454
28 .0149 .378

How to use GAUGE to indicate the thickness of metal sheets

No matter what metal it is, GAUGE represents the thickness of the metal, and the larger the GAUGE value, the smaller the thickness;

However, for different metal plates, the thickness corresponding to the GAUGE value is different. For example, the thickness of the aluminum plate and steel plate with the same 8 GAUGE is 3.264mm and 4.175mm respectively.

8 GAUGE Aluminum Sheet

8 GAUGE Aluminum Sheet

8 GAUGE Aluminum Sheet

Therefore, when using the GAUGE value to represent metal thickness, the material of the metal sheet must be specified.

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