Introduction and uses of 1060 mirror aluminum sheet

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Introduction to 1060 mirror aluminum sheet

1060 mirror aluminum sheet is an aluminum plate made of 1060 series aluminum alloy with a purity of more than 99.6% as the base material. It is made through special processing technology. Its surface shows a high gloss and smooth effect like a mirror, and its reflectivity is as high as 95%. , often used in application scenarios that require reflectivity.

Regarding the mirror aluminum sheet, it is the most commonly used type of deep-processed aluminum plate; currently, the mirror aluminum sheet has been widely used in the market, such as exterior wall decoration, interior wall insulation, exterior wall decoration, etc., as well as in the automotive field, sign decoration field, nameplate field , all need mirror aluminum sheets for decoration. But we may not know much about mirror aluminum sheets. mirror aluminum sheets are actually aluminum plates that have been precision rolled, mechanically polished, and chemically electrolyzed to make the surface of the aluminum plate reach the same brightness as a mirror, so we often It is called mirror aluminum sheet, but its detailed name is, precision rolled aluminum plate.

1060 mirror aluminum sheet

1060 mirror aluminum sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet has different requirements and effects according to the mirror surface. Aluminum plate manufacturers often divide it into three levels. Currently, the two most common levels are intermediate and low level. Because for our standards for mirror aluminum sheets, we currently use The intermediate and low-grade ones can fully meet our requirements. At the same time, mirror aluminum sheets need to be post-processed, such as oxidized series mirror aluminum sheets and unoxidized series mirror aluminum sheets. This is the type we usually come into contact with the most. The mirror aluminum sheets should belong to the 1000 series aluminum alloy, 3000 series aluminum alloys or 5000 series aluminum alloys. These mirror aluminum sheets processed into mirror aluminum sheets have relatively high formability and a wide range of applications, especially 1060 mirror aluminum sheets, 1100 mirror aluminum sheets, 3003 mirror aluminum sheets, etc., have the advantages of stamping resistance and good oxidation effect, and are widely used.

Features of 1060 mirror aluminum sheet

  • High purity: The 1060 series aluminum plate contains at least 99.6% aluminum and belongs to the category of pure aluminum, which makes it have good plasticity and ductility.
  • Excellent surface treatment: Through polishing, grinding and other finishing methods, the surface of 1060 aluminum plate can achieve a mirror-like luster, and the surface finish is extremely high, similar to mirror reflection.
  • Strong corrosion resistance: As a pure aluminum product, 1060 mirror aluminum sheet has good natural corrosion resistance and is suitable for a variety of environments.
  • Formability and weldability: This series of aluminum plates is easy to process and form, including stamping, drawing, etc., and has good welding performance.
    Electrical and thermal conductivity: Due to its high purity, 1060 aluminum plate has good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Physical properties: Although its mechanical strength is relatively low and not suitable for high-strength applications, it is suitable for applications that have high requirements for surface quality and decoration.

Application of 1060 mirror aluminum sheet

1060 mirror aluminum sheet is obtained by precision rolling, mechanical polishing, and chemical electrolytic polishing of the aluminum plate. As we introduced earlier, after such process treatment, the surface of the aluminum plate will achieve a bright effect, but at the same time, the surface of the aluminum plate will also be shiny. Green, in this case can achieve a good mirror effect, so it is widely used.

Although the mirror aluminum sheet may be different from pattern aluminum plate, alumina plate, etc., after various special processes, it can achieve a specific bright effect, smooth At the same time, the surface can reach the same transparency as a mirror, so we are in great need of this material in interior decoration materials. It also benefits from excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, mirror aluminum sheets are currently used in product casings. It is widely used in household kitchenware, automobile interior decoration, curtain wall decoration, curtain wall, exterior wall, curtain wall interior decoration, sign decoration, equipment exterior row decoration, equipment nameplate decoration, etc.

1060 mirror aluminum sheet application

1060 mirror aluminum sheet application

The specific application areas of 1060 mirror aluminum sheet are:

  • 1. Lighting Fixtures: Due to its high reflectivity, 1060 mirror aluminum sheet is commonly used in the production of lighting fixtures, such as reflectors and lampshades, to maximize light output and distribution.
  • 2. Solar Energy: In the solar energy industry, 1060 mirror aluminum sheets are employed in solar reflectors, which concentrate sunlight onto solar cells or receivers, enhancing the efficiency of solar power generation systems.
  • 3. Decorative Applications: Its mirrored surface makes it ideal for decorative purposes, including interior design elements like wall panels, ceilings, and decorative trim in homes, hotels, and public buildings.
  • 4. Automotive Industry: Some high-end vehicles incorporate mirror-like aluminum components for both aesthetic and functional purposes, such as interior trim, mirror casings, and decorative accents.
  • 5. Electronic Devices: The reflective properties of 1060 mirror aluminum make it suitable for use in electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, where it may be used for casings or bezels.
  • 6. Reflective Insulation: In construction, reflective insulation materials, such as radiant barriers, utilize mirrored aluminum surfaces to reflect radiant heat, improving energy efficiency in buildings.
  • 7. Signage and Signboards: Reflective aluminum plates are commonly used in signage and signboards for increased visibility, especially in low-light conditions or for traffic signs on roads and highways.
  • 8. Solar Reflective Building Materials: In architectural applications, 1060 mirror aluminum sheets are utilized as exterior cladding or roofing materials to reduce heat absorption and lower cooling costs in buildings.
  • 9. Photography and Imaging: Reflective surfaces are critical in photography and imaging equipment. Mirrored aluminum plates may be used in camera lenses, telescopes, and other optical instruments to redirect and focus light.
  • 10. Heat Reflectors: In industrial settings, 1060 mirror aluminum sheets are used as heat reflectors in various processes to prevent heat loss or to direct heat towards specific areas, improving efficiency and safety.

At present, we can see the use of mirror aluminum sheets in more and more fields. At the same time, it has also been proved that the uses of mirror aluminum sheets are very wide. Regarding the introduction and uses of the above mirror aluminum sheets, I believe you must also know. In the future, we will discuss 1060 When the mirror aluminum sheet is used, it can play its greatest role.

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